Advance Directive

It is a way allowing a competent person to put in writing his will concerning the treatments he would want or he would not want to receive if he were to find himself in a situation where he could not express his will himself. The advance directive comes into force when the person becomes unable to make those decisions.

Advance directive document

Here we propose an advanced directive form that has to be completed and signed before a notary to certify its legal and irrevocable nature. It can be modified by the grantor.


In Mexico, we already have an Advance Directive Act with its different variations in each State of the Republic and in the City of Mexico. We also add here the law initiatives presented in States still lacking a legislation on this matter.

Please find here the analysis about the manifestations of advance directive carried out by Dr. Ingrid Brena Sesma, member of our Advisory Board and member of the Colegio de Bioética.