Who are we?

We are a Mexican non-for-profit association sponsored by the Espinosa Rugarcía Foundation (ESRU).

DMD promoting the right to choose the best end of life.


Create discussion spaces where reflecting on the right to die with dignity and its scope is furthered, spaces inviting to debate in an open, informed and respectful manner.


Work for the advancement in the effective realization of rights, the promotion of autonomy and the protection of freedom to decide that people have about their own death, within the context of the Mexican society and the framework of respect for the individual rights.


Disseminate the rights of patients, especially the right to get enough information on their medical diagnosis, so they can take part in the decisions to be made during the treatment of the disease and thus avoid the needless prolongation of life and unnecessary suffering.


Organize writing calls about death with dignity.


Publish books and articles.


Create a friends network, for people who want to collaborate and participate with the association.


Defend death with dignity as a fundamental human right, support the steps towards its legislation of medically assisted death and disseminate the current possibility in Mexico City and other states to sign the Advance Will, a notarial resource with which a person with a terminal illness authorizes to stop being medically treated.


Organize, promote, carry out and participate in forums, symposiums, courses, workshops with artistic exercises, seminars, conferences, congresses and other public events and presentations to reflect on the subject.


Contribute to broaden the medical care possibilities for patients in terminal stage, concerning the palliative care and the treatment at the end of life, from the perspective of the person’s self-determination.


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