This report was made for DMD (August 2019) Factum mercadotécnico, company specialized in the elaboration of market and public opinion studies with national and international presence. (

One of DMD objectives is to become a space where the different facets and nuances concerning the right to die with dignity could be discussed. Recently, the association made a first approach to the topic performing two qualitative studies through in-depth interviews and focus groups in the City of Mexico, in the city of Puebla and in Tehuitzingo, a rural community in the state of Puebla.

The first study focused on the opinion of the general population, and the second one was aimed at knowing the stand point of doctors who work in the public and/or private sectors and who, due to their specialty, are closer to the options that come up when they take care of terminally ill patients (specialists in neuro-surgery, oncology, general surgery, anesthesiology, intensive therapy, palliative medicine, geriatrics and resident doctors studying this type of specialties).


2016 National Survey on Dignified Death

José Luis Palma, General Director of Research in Health and Demography, S.C. (Insad), describes the work PERFORMED for DMD A.C. in order to know the opinion of Mexicans regarding help to die and euthanasia

Report on the results of the opinion study on the right to die with dignity

July 2015

Report on the results of the opinion study of doctors about the right to die with dignity

November 2015

CDMX Constituent Assembly

Due to the legislative process for the enactment of the City of Mexico Constitution, on October 28, 2016, POR EL DERECHO A MORIR CON DIGNIDAD, A.C. sent to the Constituent Assembly the following proposals in respect to autonomy, rights of patients, and dignified death. Those proposals were included in the current local Constitution ruling in the City of Mexico.