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Promover y defender el derecho de toda persona a una muerte digna, facilitando el diálogo plural, la difusión y la construcción de los marcos legales en torno a los cuidados paliativos, la muerte médicamente asistida y la eutanasia.

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A tale of two deaths: One in ‘pain and despair,’ another ‘peaceful’

“I would like to tell you a love story.”

Phyllis Bergman captivated New Mexico lawmakers Tuesday as she recounted the deaths of her two terminally ill sisters, one who died three years ago “in pain and despair” and the other who ended her life earlier this year under a new state law that allows doctors to provide aid in dying.

My Death, My Decision
MDMD is a campaign for the Canadian model of assisted dying in the UK.
It has been legal for adults of sound mind with intolerable and irreversible suffering to have an assisted death in Canada since 2016.
Only 1.12% of deaths in Canada are as a result of medical assistance, and there is no evidence that the law has been abused or has harmed vulnerable people.
Final moments of mum who drank champagne before ending life at assisted dying clinic

Crippled by illness, Dawn Voice-Cooper, 76, travelled to Switzerland to end her life at a clinic where she released a fatal dose of barbiturates into her bloodstream – she wanted the Mirror to be with her to tell her story

Extending the Right to Die

he right to assistance in dying continues to gain ground. Last month, the Spanish parliament passed legislation, expected to come into effect in June, permitting doctors to assist adult patients to die if they have a “serious and incurable” disease that causes “unbearable suffering.” 


It is a way allowing a competent person to put in writing his will concerning the treatments he would want or he would not want to receive if he were to find himself in a situation where he could not express his will himself. The advance directive comes into force when the person becomes unable to make those decisions.

It is the help that a doctor gives to a patient in response to his request, and it consists in providing him with the means to put an end to his life. The help may be to give him a prescription for a lethal dose of a drug or the drug itself. The patient himself executes the final action that causes death.

Etymologically it means “good death”, and it refers to the action that a doctor performs to induce the death of a patient who has freely requested it because he is enduring an intolerable suffering for which there is no relief, and that is caused by a disease or a medical condition for which there are no healing options.

It is the active and total care of those patients who do not respond to a healing treatment, in which it is a priority to provide relief through the treatment of pain and other symptoms, as well as to care for the psychological, social and spiritual aspects.

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